Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

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Re: Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

acahaya wrote:

You kind of missed my point. I was not talking about GAS, pixel peeping and score measuring but about the current paradigm stating that you have to shoot RAW, convert images and further edit them in Photoshop or something similar to get good results.

Well, that "paradigm" is far from being universal among professionals. For example, many sports photographers reporting live from an event are sending jpegs to the editor, who may or may not do some basic post-processing before posting them online. Time is of an essence there and you want to be the first to publish a photo, so no time for messing with raws.

A couple of years ago Reuters even "banned" raws.

From Reuters press release:

"I’d like to pass on a note of request to our freelance contributors due to a worldwide policy change.. In future, please don’t send photos to Reuters that were processed from RAW or CR2 files. If you want to shoot raw images that’s fine, just take JPEGs at the same time. Only send us the photos that were originally JPEGs, with minimal processing (cropping, correcting levels, etc).


Speed is also very important to us. We have therefore asked our photographers to skip labour and time consuming processes to get our pictures to our clients faster".

I know a few photographers working for printed media who shoot raw+jpeg, but almost never use raw. They have found out years ago that it is simply a waste of time to develop raw when the end results are photos no larger than 1/2 or 1/4 of a magazine page, or even only posted online.

They do use raws for photos used for a cover page or a 2-page spread (which means perhaps 2-3 such photos per week).

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