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5100 with that lens is .75lbs and 6300 is .89lbs and my 6300 has been slightly modded (I like to tinker) and solo has been upgraded enough with motors, battery, props that I feel confident it can handle it , I have Masters in EECS from MIT and did lots of calcs to make sure. Was thinking about 20mm pancake lens, but that's basically same size as 16-50mm. Just the regular 1/4" mount huh, I thought was something more to it.

Did feed through hdmi allow you to view through solo app like a gopro was hooked up or? Did you try using Sony's app and connecting to cameras wifi? That would certainly give more control over camera. I'm thinking split screen with both open on 10.1" galaxy tab a which would allow full control hopefully. Obviously drones wifi is better than cameras so I was trying to figure out a way to integrate the two.

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