Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

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Re: Art Filter Therapy: A photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models and no need to post-process

Tommi K1 wrote:

acahaya wrote:

I usually do a lot of postprocessing and also specifically expose for postprocessing, which usually results in RAW files that are flat and have low contrast because i then have more room for corrections in the raw converter and later on in Photoshop. I then save all those RAW files on my hard disk and on two backup drives and wait for proper inspiration to create something really special out of them .... but i never look at them or even show them because they look boring straight out of the cam.

Some weeks ago i noticed that i kind of lost my inspiration and photography somehow was not as much fun anymore as it used to be. I also realized that i now have a backlog of more than 1000 images waiting for future editing and that i was getting more and more sloppy regarding exposure and composition because i could easily fix this in LR and PS.
The reason is that i somehow forgot that photography used to be about getting it right from the start.

Yeah, familiar story that you can hear from many.


What i usually get to hear is that using ooc jpgs is for amateurs only, art filters, presets and image styles are bs and real photographers are using RAW only.

I have never heard "Hey it is fun to shoot raw, use specific JPG settings to create a look and spend time on the beach instead of photoshoping" from someone like me who did extensive post processing for the last 15 years or so

Me and some photo friends had planned a photo trip to Lanzarote with 5 models in May and our goal was to take images that could only have been shot on this island, i.e. no portraits with blurred background, no bikini shots on a beach that could be everywhere ....

I decided to add another challenge for myself: I had to shoot one image of every set as an ooc JPG, either using normal JPG settings or an Art Filter that would add to the mood i wanted to create. I would also shoot additional images for future postprocessing but at the end of each day i wanted to have at least one picture of each model and set copied to my iPad and ready to show at dinner.

You didn't never shoot JPEG+raw but only raw?

I always shoot JPG + RAW but only used the JPG to sort and delete images not worth keeping (much faster) and to help my models selecting images for post processing

On the first days i was a bit stressed, worried about very hard light and i had to correct exposure and perspective a lot but during the week i was there i was having more and more fun with my ooc JPGs. The girls were happy too (i was the only one mailing them images on thee same day) and nobody ever pointed out noise, blown out highlights and other imperfections.

Usually people don't do that, even the critical ones. It is more of the spike in character among pixel peepers and gear heads as they are so focused to those things and mainly those things.

We were a group of friends plus 5 models, there was no pixel peeper around (hard to do on an iPad anyway). I only noticed that people liked the images i showed but assumed i had sneaked in a photoshop session between coming home from the set, taking a shower and meeting for dinner. Nobody mentioned the images looking "ooc" although they were  

Am i the only one who thinks that maybe we are spending too much time worrying about perfect technical image quality and wasting time with hours of post processing instead of planning ahead, take good pictures that do not require a lot of postprocessing and spend time with our loved ones or other hobbies instead of sitting in front of Photoshop?

No. There are many of us who have found the real world photography, not the gear collecting and pixel peeping or DXO/DPR score/sample measuring etc.


You kind of missed my point. I was not talking about GAS, pixel peeping and score measuring but about the current paradigm stating that you have to shoot RAW, convert images and further edit them in Photoshop or something similar to get good results.

Example, if someone wants to get photos from some special event (like wedding) to A4-A3 size photobook / photoalbum and then to facebook, all the ratings, evaluations, reviews etc from DPR, DXO etc that is related to IQ becomes moot.


Yes but this is completey OT here, i am using mFT for years now, i am happy with it even printing large for exhibitions and this alone should show you that i do not worry too much about DXO scores and technical image quality

Same thing happened for the raw files few years ago when JPEG became OOC by engine and EVF so good that you had the flexibility in them for almost every situation to be processed even if needed. No more chimping and having mistaken exposures and worrying is the image good by just reading histogram and "knowing" that you can "fix the photo later". Instead now you get finished, or nearly finished images OOC and more easily than ever before.


Not sure what you are trying to tell me? If my exposure settings are wrong my image will suffer no matter if JPG or RAW. If i cut off a foot or an other important part of my main subject, the image is worthless. Without checking (chimping) i have no chance to correct this. Remember that the goal is to shoot an image as good as possible to avoid later post processing. I never said it had to be perfect on the first shot

Example. A3 size print and comparing best FF to now old 4/3" sensor is so same up to ISO 3200 that there is no reason to get the FF when most don't benefit from it benefits in clear majority of the situations. Blind tests about IQ differences done and almost no one can say anything by difference being there and it becomes guessing game.


I am not talking about FF and not about comparing anything.

I wanted to point out that even for someone like me who has "the raw is my canvas" as a credo it brings back a lot of fun plus more accuracy when you challenge yourself to get images right from the start instead of trying to fix or perfect them afterwards.

I won't give up shooting for postvprocessing but i'll peobably shoot more and more images where the ooc jpg is good enough for me.


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