Advertising: a dark cloud moving over the industry

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Advertising: a dark cloud moving over the industry

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Indicators for the next years give a clear forecast : less revenue for the creative side (photographers and their agencies) , unchanged investments (from manufacturers and distributors and their agencies) , increased volume .

It doesn't add up. money missing?

can only be explained by one more player in between: social media platforms paid in cash using conventional material not released.
Campaigns are already expanding to the new social media platforms with no rules, no regulations and (most importantly) no revenue for the creative side. In other words the material released for a conventional use and diffusion will miss the social media platforms.

ethics out of the window
a blogger will promote mixed editorial and paid advertisement without disclosure
casual "links" on social media creating unpaid diffusion

Why cash and why "dark" cloud?
Because the manufacturers , distributors and official agencies can't risk to be involved with the social media manipulation: they would operate directly but under separate accounts in different countries, in cash , away from their own agencies and their own official marketing departments

I'm open to ideas, but at the moment I can't find any. The dark cloud moves unchecked and unregulated, directly affecting our revenue.
Photographers, Studios, Agents and our Agencies should move to design and enforce new terms: social media IS diffusion. a blog IS a publication.

Right now bloggers can be bought for peanuts, but the consequences of advertising out of control can be devastating: "underground" campaigns promoting anything using any means , true and false.

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