My 58 1.4G is dead :(

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Re: My 58 1.4G is dead :(

Van Griff wrote:

And . . . if I may . . . a suggestion . . . I never store lenses or cameras on shelves or tables or counters or elevated positions . . . they always get stored on the floor . . . either in a camera bag or not . . . just swung my head 90 degrees to see my D700 with the 35-70 f/2.8 mounted and my 135DC beside it on the carpet under the credenza in the dining room . . . nice and safe and sound . . . zero chance of what happened to you happening to me . . . something to consider . . . although might be difficult with younger children around.

This is actually something I think quite a lot with kids of my own. How to have camera/lenses handy and safe at the same time. I often have body + lens on a ~1,2 m sideboard, high enough for kids not to get to it and rest of the lenses inside the sideboard or camera bags not to collect dust.

I would not store lenses on the floor because of the dust, even if there were no kids around.

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