My 58 1.4G is dead :(

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Re: My 58 1.4G is dead :(

xyglyx wrote:

Raymond Wave wrote:

xyglyx wrote:

mrgs1 wrote:

Sorry to hear but I wouldn't store a lens face down on a lens hood which only has partial surface contact with the shelf personally. But each to their own. Good luck.

A few hours too late with that advice.

I'm not sure if I understand mrgs1 correctly, but there's definitely more surface contact face down than face up with 58G.

I think he was referring to the reduced surface area in contact with the table when the lens is placed hood-down. It's true that hood-down gives a bigger, more stable base, but the deciding factor in this accident may have been the amount of static friction between the lens and the table.

My bad, I actually missed the hood part, I was thinking lens cap.

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