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Re: GH5 vs EM1.2 stills

brianric wrote:

danieljcox wrote:

d3xmeister wrote:

There is no such thing as ,,X,, is better. You started with a completely wrong approach in my optinion.

In image quality, both are exactly the same, any differences are minuscule or at best opened to interpretation. Like for example you may prefer the jpeg processing of one over the other, while other would prefer the other.

In terms of features, you can look closely at the spec-sheet for both, and only you can decide what's important to you.

The Olympus shoots faster with the electronic shutter, in raw

The Panasonic shoots as fast for a much longer time but only in 18MP jpeg (6k photo)

The Olympus AF better with legacy 4/3 lenses and also with Metabones Speedbooster and DSLR lenses.

The Olympus has high-res mode which for static subjects gives impressive results.

I agree with most but would add that the Lumix GH5, like all Lumix cameras, is considerably easier to use, especially if you only use your camera sporadically. The GH5 has several dedicated buttons such as the Exposure Compensation button, and ISO buttons. They are easy to find, easy to recall and placed in a perfect spot, just behind the shutter button. The GH5 and the GH4 before it are so highly regarded as video machines that nobody thinks of them as stills cameras but as D3XMeister wrote, both Olympus and Lumix top end cameras produce virtually identical quality in the final RAW or JPEG picture. been very happy with Lumix cameras as still image capture machines. Keep in mind, I'm a Lumix Luminary so I may be biased but read the things I've written and decide for yourself.

I find the E-M1 Mk II exposure compensation when using aperture or shutter preferred such a joy to use by adjusting the front wheel. Very fast and easy as compared to pushing down on a button and adjusting exposure compensation on the front wheel.

I agree, not having to puse the button on the Olympus to change Exposure Compensation is fantastic option. But what you must not know is that we have the same option on the GH4 and GH5. It's a simple CF setting that takes the necessity of pushing the +/- button before using the dial. Just like the Olympus. In fact, the GH series cameras are even more customizable than the Olympus, I shoot both and Olympus is thought to be ever more customizable but it's not. This comment is typical of what most people think they know about the LUMIX GH series cameras. All because still shooters think the GH4 and GH5 are videos cameras, they don't investigate further to find the options still shooters want and need, like the one I mentioned above.

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