My 58 1.4G is dead :(

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Re: My 58 1.4G is dead :(

MartynD2oo wrote:

Hi folks

It happened last friday afternoon, my inlaws were visiting...the last few days have been very difficult for me to get through I am in mourning.

My daughter asked to watch a DVD and her grandfather started rummaging through the cabinet which is attached to the wall above the TV, about 1.80cms above our hard, unforgiving marble flooring. My 58G was at one end of the cabinet face down stood on it's hood as it's my most used lens I always keep it at hand.

I was in my office out back and heard the CRASH and what sounded like a bouncing lens cap...yep the worst had happened. My beloved 58G had fallen onto the floor and didn't survive :(.

As you can see from the picture the body is cracked and doesn't focus manually nor automatically.

I will be sending it to Nikon first thing tomorrow morning and wait for their response, I am not expecting this to be a cheap fix, if it can be fixed

Has something similiar happened to anyone here and how much did the repairs cost? I have holiday of a lifetime (for me anyway) coming up in 6 weeks and this lens was the first on the 'taking list'...

your $1500 lens broke from a 1.8cm fall? I know Nikon lenses are plastic and made in china but this is just ridiculous. Do you mean 1.8 meters???????

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