Am I crazy for owning the X-T2, but wanting the Olympus E-M1 Mark II?

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Re: Fujifilm has spoiled me....

Photonerd088 wrote:

First off, thank you to everyone who has contributed here to my dilemma.

Well, my local Best Buy actually surprised me when I walked in one day and while walking by the camera section, they actually had a E-M1 Mark II with the 12-40mm lens attached so I went and played with it awhile...

Amazing combination with that body and lens...literally my ideal set up...however, after spending a little time with it, I realized that I think Fuji spoiled me in the sense that I missed the physical dials for ISO, Shutter Speed, and the aperture ring on the lenses...I dunno, no matter how I customized the buttons and settings on the E-M1 Mark II, shooting with it definitely felt out of place and left me feeling unconfident if I needed to go out and rely on it for an event. Now, that would likely go away as I used it more and more, but I dunno...I just don't think it's for me...I would prefer to use the Fuji if only for the more physical controls and how it felt in my hand.

Anyways, that's just my 2 cents on how I feel after handling it...I'm going to stick with Fuji and perhaps instead invest in some more glass and/or a secondary body...I mean, that graphite X-Pro 2 does look beautiful...

I still think the E-M1 II w/ 12-40 feels like a perfect, small DSLR setup with a f/2.8 constant standard zoom. I could see going from an FF DSLR directly to it.

But, like you, I'm in love with how my Fujifilm gear works. It fits what I want to use it for right now.

If I shoot sports or action wildlife, I'd probably go back to Canon for the 1Dx AF.

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