Shooting a local PBS documentary, need help please!

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Good advice from Hindesite and others

Get in all the practice you can, especially with the shooting and audio. Get your equipment in hand as quickly as you can do the research so you can really learn it. You need to be sure everything is compatible. You also need to be able to set up with a minimum of fuss and fumbling.

Shoot a lot. My first few video attempts died in the first stages of editing when I realized I did not have enough material to work with. Some practice edits will give you a better idea of what you need to shoot. I often hear talk of a 10 to 1 as a ratio -- you need 10 minutes of raw video for each minute of the finished piece.

If you can find the Panasonic g85 kit with 12-60 lens for $1,000 that would be a good option. And it can use your current lenses. The FZ2500 fixed lens camera is another option said to be great for video -- I think they currently go for around $1,200.

It's not to early to be thinking about how you're going to travel with your gear. When I traveled for photography  my goal was to have everything essential in carry-on. If the airline loses my underwear I can replace that almost anyplace in the world. If they lose my main camera I could be out of business. I used to stick an extra set of underwear and socks into my camera bag and carry that. With that and my spare eye-glasses I could get by if they lost the checked stuff. Coming home my first priority was the pictures. In the olden days that was the exposed film. Today it's the cards with the images.

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