Upgrade from a Sony A850...A7RII (e-mount) or A99II (a-mount)?

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Re: Upgrade from a Sony A850...A7RII (e-mount) or A99II (a-mount)?

For a last several years I used A900. Last year I bought used A7R. So far in limited use shooting mostly some landscapes and some wildlife close to home I noticed following about my A7:


  • Lighter weight
  • Low price (I payed 1000USD for mint A7R with RRS bracket and two batteries)
  • Higher resolution


  • Loud shutter (and I mean loud) even compared to A900
  • Sluggish operation even compared to A900. Add loud shutter and all bugs and birds are gone before picture is taken.
  • Atrocious battery life. I have 3 batteries and the camera can't last very long on a single battery with limited shooting. EVF and LV drain battery very quickly even if you do not make any picture. Completely different experience from A900 which would go on and on and on.


  • Picture quality
  • Size - RRS bracket makes it more comfortable to hold and I do not have large hands

Overall A7R is fine camera but rather unrefined. Picture quality might be better in some situations than A900 but I can't say I am blown away by the difference. Low cost and smaller size and lighter weight were the selling points for me. One thing to point though is that I use small manual focus lenses. Big AF E mount lenses could negate that advantage.

You mention A7RII which should be much more refined than A7R. I would however take closer look at it, maybe even rent one. Used it costs a bit over 2000 USD and it is quite a chunk of money. After following photography hobby for over 10 years now I would prefer spending it on nice vacation rather than on tool that might not even improve your photographic output.

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