Shooting a local PBS documentary, need help please!

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Shooting a local PBS documentary, need help please!

To the digital video group and m4/3 group

I need some help and hopefully you all can. I will try and make this as short and concise as possible.

My background: I am an avid photographer that understands the technical aspect photography. I have a full time job in sales but do paid photo side jobs with families/portraits and real estate. I have very little video experience but have been reading a lot since I accepted this assignment.

Situation: I am traveling overseas to Armenia in October with my family to hear a symphony play a song my uncle composed. Very cool. The local PBS station caught wind of it and they want a documentary on him and the song. I was asked to provide footage, interviews, etc of the trip overseas to include in the documentary. The actual symphony performance will be recorded by professional crew so that is not me. I am to supply PBS with the raw footage as they will edit.

I am being paid in gear of my choice, budget is $3,000.

Requirements from PBS: 16:9 HD (1920x1030). All audio tracks should be isolated (not sure what that means and how to do that).

Current gear: Olympus OMD-EM5 that is on it's last legs. Have 12/2, 25/1.5, 45/1.8, 12-50.

My requirements and initial thoughts: I would like portable gear. Full frame is nice but too big with lenses. Since I am familiar with m4/3 I am leaning towards OMD EMii because of the photo capabilities selfishly and IBIS. I don't need 4K though. Also, just rented a Fuji XT2 and really like (love) the JPGs but would require a gimbal or tripod (which I don't want to take). I think I need camera, wide angle zoom and standard zoom. A mic (no idea which one) and I think that is it?

Questions for the group:

  1. What would you do with the $3K knowing my current set up? I am not opposed to selling current gear but not sure if necessary
  2. I have watched a fair amount of youtube on how to shoot but not on the technical (but not too technical) aspect of it. Any suggestions on a video series or courses that are free or little cost?
  3. Am I forgetting anything? I have a MAC with iMovie and lightroom.

Huge thanks to all!


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