K-3ii is over-featured vs. the D7500

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Re: K-3ii is over-featured vs. the D7500

flektogon wrote:

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flektogon wrote:

I believe that the KP has the "high grade" shutter mechanism. Can someone verify?

According to Pentax Forum it is 'more snick than clack'. Indicating more K5 like.

Could be we are all being punked and its the same mechanism used in all models, just that the feel and sound in the alloy bodies is quieter, smoother, and better damped as a result of the heavier, more rigid chassis.

You can't go by fps as this is set as much by the processing bandwidth as the shutter mechanism. It can also be tuned somewhat speed vs. reliability/low noise.

That said, to me there is a clear separation. The K70 and under make a plasticy, undamped shutter sound. "Clack" is pretty good description, but there is a hint of "Sproing" as either the mirror or perhaps the aperture coupling lever slaps around insufficiently damped. The K-3 on the other hand, and the KP, make more of a "Swish" noise, with no re-bound. I can endorse "Snick".

No, there are two different types of the shutter/mirror mechanisms. The cheaper (plastic-bodied) cameras are equipped apparently with the cheaper (simpler) mechanism, where the first shutter movement (i.e. the opening) ALWAYS is mechanically bound with the mirror movement. So, in the LV mode, when you fully press the shutter button, before the shutter mechanism opens, the mirror HAS TO go down. Then it goes up and the exposure is being made. When the shutter mechanism finally closes, the mirror goes down, and because you are in the LV mode, the mirror immediately goes again up. Very, very primitive solution!

I found it first in my K-S1. First I was shocked but in practial use it is not that annoying.

But ssometimes I have to do jobs where I need to block the mirror as i would disturb the quality of the photos if I have the disturbance of the shutter/mirror action in my photo (HDR with maximum needs according sharpness - I have three thimes the shutter action within!) - and for these jobs the K-S1 is simply useless.

Thus, if KP would have this shutter it would be a design that does not fit with the price class of the camera - but if it would be the K5 shutter it's fine. The K5 shutter maybe work a little more silently than the K3 shutter mechanism. But both ware fine for high end models.

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It reminds me one of the oldest Exacta cameras, the EXA I, at which the mirror was the integral part of the shutter mechanism. But it was when? 60 years ago?

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