Canon 5D MKIV and CS6 - RAW converter workaround

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Re: Canon 5D MKIV and CS6 - RAW converter workaround

Graham Meale wrote:

Don Lacy wrote:

Graham Meale wrote:

Yes, you can even open JPEGs in ACR but my point is that you have lost all the advantages of shooting in raw, such as exposure latitude, white balance adjustment etc etc.

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PS is not a Raw converter any file sent to PS is no longer in the Raw format. ACR is the Raw converter used by PS and Lightroom. Any file sent to PS should already have all the adjustments you are talking about already applied during the conversion. The advantage of working on a Raw file in PS is that you can send them to PS as a 16 bit file unlike Jpegs which are 8 bit. The OP stated that his version of Lightroom supports the 5DMKIV files so I do not understand why after conversion he cannot open them in PS there is something missing in his workflow. I do not use Lightroom but I believe he should be able to send them to PS as a PSD or tiff file after conversion.

I'm not sure whether you're agreeing with me or disagreeing. Someone said that if your version of ACR doesn't recognise 5D IV files, you can convert them to TIFF in DPP then do all your processing in Photoshop. My point was that to take full advantage of raw, you should do as much of your basic processing in the raw converter, because as soon as you go to TIFF, you're throwing data and processability away. With a 16-bit TIFF this is much less than an 8-bit JPEG, but it still matters.

I'm bored with this thread.

I also discovered that CS6 will recognize camera default settings when you open a converted DNG file. I set my defaults in LR  but since ACR is connected they automatically apply. Of course you can set this up in ACR well. It was a nice surprise as I had read DNG files would not do that.

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