Borderless printing - is it really that bad for your printer?

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Re: Borderless printing - is it really that bad for your printer?

jtoolman wrote:

Here is an unsolicited comment from a current CANON ipf PRO1000 user pertaining to this:

" I've be printing photos at home for the past 10+ years and have replaced

a number of printers. This includes hundreds of borderless 4x6 and letter sized print and I've noticed the internals of the printed is usually covered by a fine layer of sticky "goo". None of those printers are top of the line models so I didn't pay too much attention until I acquired the Imageprograf Pro 1000. After printing only 5 A3+ sized borderless print and a couple of 4x6 for fun, I decided to inspect the sponge on the platen and touching the stained sponge is akin to sticking your hand in a puddle. There are so much ink on the sponge caused by the overspray that is kinda hard to believe. If left unchecked, these ink will slowly evaporate and stain the internals of the printer which can't be good for the vacuum systems and all the rollers either. I cleaned up the ink using several sheets of lint free cloth and will never print borderless again. The paper feed on the Pro 1000 is so accurate and far superior to that of the Epson that I can simply leave a very thin white margin. "

You guys can take this any way you want.

I too have experienced very similar results and I have at any one time 15 or mor printers. Some treat the collection of over spray better than others but none treat the problem.

It can be ignored all you want but that doesn't make it go away.

And to the guy who says printer companies would not have included borderless printing if it was harmful. All I can say is that you are naive!



I recently aquired a Pro-1000 and read that the print optimizer is used by the machine during the cleaning cycle to clean the platen (not sure if it was regular or deep cleaning). It was from an article explaining why the machine uses so much PO compared to its inks. I strongly suspect that this is Canon's solution to overspray residue from borderless printing. What is your take on this?


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