If the NX1 had IBIS...

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flip 21
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the mirrorless camera market stalled...

M43ForMe wrote:

Would it be the best all around camera on the market in 2017?

For sure...

I'm really getting tiered and bored of not seeing anything exciting at a reasonable price of the NX1, when it was first released.

The GH5 is worst than the NX1, and the AF is really bad for video;

The A6500/A6300 is worst than the NX1 and overheats;

The fuji X-T2 is very expensive and worst than the A6500. It also doesn't offer 120 at Full HD;

Canon!?!? Well, forget Canon.

I'm not rich. I can't spend more than 1000€/1300€ for a new camera. And let's don't forget having to buy new lenses...

I don't know about you guys, but I fear the day, when I have to buy a cell phone so I can shoot good quality video, because mid-price range mirrorless cameras are in a process of extinction...

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