Just pulled the trigger on an X-A3

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Re: "More natural and less digital"

ukeolo wrote:

Dpreview X-A3 studio test scene added. Just cramk the ISO to 3200 or 6400 and check the results: unimaginable amount of noise compared to X-A2 or X-Trans...

Thanks for notifying us.

Five of one, half dozen of the other. X-A3 isn't terrible in places where you'd expect X-Trans to win (resolution curves, concentric circles with moire). It's easy to see the X-A3 has higher resolution than the X-A2, as expected. Macbeth chart isn't overly noisy at ISO 6400.

This seems a pretty clear indication that the X-T20 is a better choice than the X-A3. Not much more money, far better high ISO results, plus viewfinder.

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