Zeiss 135mm f/2.8 Batis vs. Voigtlander 125mm f/2.5 APO Lanthar

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Re: Zeiss 135mm f/2.8 Batis vs. Voigtlander 125mm f/2.5 APO Lanthar

I have a review of the new Batis APO Sonnar here


I compare it with many many lenses; but not the 125 APO Lanthar.

My guess from samples and from people who own it that, wonderful thought the APO Lanthar is, the Batis is just as sharp and likely more , quite a bit more contrasty, just as APO (I couldn't find any spherochromatism, which is amazing) and has just as neutral bokeh (though contrastier, which you can reduce if you prefer) and does a great deal better against the light.

I'd only get the Lanthar if you want to focus to 1:1, or if you prefer the haptics of a manual focus helicoid and don't mind missing out on eye AF, AF, and tracking.

Thanks for your input... I think I will be going with the 135mm Batis over the Voigtlander... If I need a macro lens, there a lot of excellent options ranging from Nikon AIS to Zeiss to Sony's 90mm FE. It is just too bad that the 135mm Batis is not also a macro lens or even a faux-macro lens.

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