Base ISO noise with G80

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Michael Meissner
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I'm noticing Panny G85 is more prone to blow highlights

alcelc wrote:

Not owned G85/80.

According to my experience on GX85, when Zebra pattern be set at 105%, I always find there should be +2/3ev headroom before actual highlight overblown. i.e., if make the setting to the margin of no zebra alert on screen, usually -2/3ev be expected.

I suppose Panny trends to have a priority on highlight preservation.

Might try to test the Zebra on G85 to see how it behaves.

Maybe Panasonic previously did this, but I'm finding I'm getting highlights blown out when I'm photographing people in white shirts on my Panasonic G85 more than I recall my Olympus E-m1/E-m5 in similar situation.

I've seen it now in two different situations, both using center weighted metering. One case I was shooting in very low light with EV set to +0.3 by accident and the performer's blouse was blown out. Now, I might expect the EV to blow out highlights, so I made sure I reset the EV in my next outing, which was in very bright sun. I did forget to change back from center weighted metering to multi-metering (ESP in Olympus speak).

Here is the processed picture:

Panasonic G85, Olympus 14-150mm mark II lens

In particular, the woman 5th from the left/3rd from the right's blouse is blown out. Here is the original photo:

Meanwhile on the same day, I took this picture with my E-m5 mark 1 and 12-50mm lens:

Olympus E-m5 mark 1, Olympus 12-50mm lens

Notice the photographer's white shirt is not blown out. Here is the original photo from the E-m5:

I need to do more testing to come up with safe settings for the G85. Note, I generally don't have time to dial in EV values or change the metering much. And when I'm shooting in bright light, I'm wearing polarized sunglasses, so I can't see the EVF to notice details.

Note, I only shoot JPG.  While I can do RAW processing, lots of post processing just isn't my thing.  I tend to prefer to get things right when shooting in the camera to adjusting things in post.

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