Is this a fungus (Vivitar 135 mm 2.3) ?

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Re: Is this a fungus (Vivitar 135 mm 2.3) ?

Zenza R wrote:

Thank you very much to all! I really appreciate. I asked my ebay seller to refund and he accepted. I did not put this lens together with my other lenses, let's hope fungus did not transfer to the others.


ProfHankD wrote:

Zenza R wrote:


I recently bought a Vivitar Sp1 135 mm 2.3 lens from Ebay. Days after I noticed this fungus like thing. I am almost certain that it is a fungus, but what do you think?

Yeah, that's fungus... and a pretty vigorous colony at that. Not widespread yet, but usually fungus isn't this visible, so I'd be worried about potential spreading.

It's not like catching a cold.... the conditions for growth must be present for your lens to get fungus, odds are your lenses had spores in them long before this lens showed up, spores are everywhere.

This could be fungus, a small possibility that it could be fibers, cleaning should be easy, hard to say if any etching has occurred if it is fungus.

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