Dynamic AF: I think the issue is Nikon fixed a "bug"

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Re: "Faster" AF needs "faster" technique

"I think the post from agrumpyoldsod is a real good effort to show in pictures what so many words have tried to convey."

I do AGREE with this,particulary in across the frame shot,however looking over my photos from the past year of Scot running where I take them swimming,I find with him running towards me I see a different behavior of dynamic.  Some even with the center point completely off the dog yet still in focus on the head(eyes) and there is plenty of good targets in the background,or in this photo the harness could be a target,I DO NOT shoot burst,ie 10 fps,but random shots over a second or two,say 3 to 5,the example here was tracking him for about 2 or 3 seconds then the shot,I sure as hell cannot always keep the center point on his head(eyes),but again I have a lot of samples just like this,and he is fast.  I'd post more but guys I have a very sick dog who requires a LOT of attention right now ok?  But this is typical,and I have the gut feeling "predictive auto focus" has a lot to do with how dynamic behaves,or at least is revelant,go try this yourself as sorry I just can't.

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