I will ask a very stupid question about shutter speed. Sorry)

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Re: I will ask a very stupid question about shutter speed. Sorry)

Johndeny wrote:

Am I right to say that the only reason you need to increase shutter speed is if your subjects are moving and how fast are they moving.

Other wise you can keep it up 1/60... 1/30 (I am talking when you are holding the camera, not tripod and stuff).

It is just a physical thing on whether your hands are shaking or not.

Hi John,

It's not a very stupid question. Shutter speed is very important to the final look of an image. Long shots 1/30 is fine - not much detail in there anyway. But if you are closer than 5-10 feet or so, be sure that minor movements (that are imperceptible to the eye) don't wreck the picture - you want it to be absolutely crisp!

Get your speed as fast as possible, and that usually means 1/250 or faster. Training and technique can get you down to a quarter or even an eighth of that, but that's the exception.

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