Battery pack for Profoto D2 1000w ?

Started May 10, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Re: Battery pack for Profoto D2 1000w ?

Photographer who represents Profoto told me the d2 500 watt or 1000 watt moonlights can be used with Profoto's Bat PAC.  I have a 500 Watt d2 and by setting the "speed" at which the moonlight recycles to full power to 50%, my d2 gets back to full power in about 1 second.  For the 1000 Watt d2, You may have to set the recycle time to 25% and it should recycle to full power in about 4X the normal speed of getting back to "full" power.  My 500 Watt Profoto also works fine with the Buff VLX Unit and recharge time is same as with using Profoto's Bat PAC.  If there is any difference, it's negligible and not perceived by me.  Yes, "10" Power can be used.  You must go into "special menu's to change recycle "speed".  I hope this clears up Your question

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