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doug wever
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Re: We May Have Short Memories Around Here

Paul Richman wrote:

Lovely shot, lovely colors. Ringnecks, right? But why ISO 800 and f8?--

Paul Richman
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ISO 800 was during testing the camera more than the lens. That was around the time I got the E-M1 Mark 2, and subsequently bought the 40-150 and some other PRO lenses although I already owned the 12-40 f/2.8.

So I started at JPEG ISO 100 and shot 4 apertures, then ISO 200, 400, and 800. So it turned out it was at ISO 800 at f/8 that the ducks were both spaced out just about right and balanced the bench nicely.

My second test was printing. The picture at ISO 800 impressively lasted to 20x30 (as sized in the picture frame), but if you pixel peep, it really only lasts to 16x20. RAW at ISO 100 f/4 20x30 is significantly better and could go larger. I use both card slots now to send JPEG to the lower and RAW to the upper.

Guest Room where picture looks great at 20x30. The iPhone hued everything towards yellow.

Original Photo File

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