Olympus 12-40/2.8 or 12-100/4.0

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Re: Olympus 12-40/2.8 or 12-100/4.0

Lichtspiel wrote:

Geo Wharton wrote: When I hear about how gigantic, bulky, etc. these little lenses are [12-100 f/4], I want to LMAO.

Isn't it all relative though? Coming from gigantic full frame L etc glass, sure, these are smaller and lighter. But compare it to your MFT kit 14-42 and 40-150, yes, the Pro lenses are large and heavy, and, as many confirmed, slide into a range where it stops being fun to have them hang around your neck all day or hold for extended times.

To each their own, but while you LYAO, also consider that many photographers have come to MFT exactly for that weight and size advantage that small cameras and lenses give us over APS-C and FF systems. Then pick up your EM1 with the 12-100 and realize that you just negated most of that advantage.

I came from a Nikon DSLR and to say the E-M1 with 12-100 negates most of the M4/3 advantage is simply wrong.

I had the E-M1.2 with 12-100 with me constantly in Rwanda in April, and it was no problem, didn't stop being fun, and never made me say, "Gee, this is almost like my Nikon D300S set up."  Not even close.

Anyway, it is a fallacy to try and define the M4/3 ethos in terms of extended neck-hangs, hand-holds, or smaller plastic kit lenses. The PRO lenses are more beef to be sure, but the M4/3 ethos is the formats ability to say less is more as easily at the pro end of the format as it is with the kit 40-150 f/4-5.6.  In fact, without the pro series choices, it would be much harder to argue the M4/3 is a legitimate alternative.

I'm thankful for the choice.  And without the Pro lenses, my upgrade would've been to a D-500 or D8100 instead of an E-M1 Mark II.

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