Why do image colors look wrong after color-calibrating my monitor?

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Re: Image & ICC/ICM Profiles

if what in reality is a green dress when observed in person, looks like a blue dress on a color-calibrated monitor/color-managed application", can I say "Yep that's what the camera must see, for the colors are accurate".

As far as I understand, your question is something like this: if the colour from a camera looks wrong in a properly colour-managed workflow, is it how the camera recorded that colour?

Yes and no.

"Yes" in the meaning that in the case of properly colour-managed workflow a JPEG is indeed displayed in a reasonably correct manner.

However JPEG is not how the camera saw the scene. JPEG is an interpretation, a rendition. That's why there are many settings in the camera, each resulting in a slightly different JPEG rendition.

If you shoot raw, you have more flexibility in interpreting the out-of-camera data, including custom camera "profiles".

As you've mentioned ... cameras are not capable of capturing truest absolute color, so I imagine that they do lie (or shall I say "approximate").

More or less.

Well, for the record, here is the folder with the image and various profiles I have created - two are from i1Profiler and one from SpectraViewII. If you learn something from these about the camera or color or profiles, or otherwise, please let me know!!

The JPEG looks rather good, colours have decent saturation, green, purple, violet, yellow, blue, red, all look as I expect them to look. Skin tones are very agreeable.

The profile produced by the NEC software looks like the best of the bunch.

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