D7500 Buyers: Test for D500 dynamic AF issue

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Re: D7500 Buyers: Test for D500 dynamic AF issue

Lets get something straight: One it's only a FEW,not many,stop making it something it isn't.  They apparently can't grasp what IS different.  The D500 does not show the outer focus points at work,ie the red square that moves,but they DO work,and it is not reported what(outer) focus point was activated in Nikon software and as said in the view finder. Lets say I am tracking one of my dogs running towards me,the initial point is the head(eyes what ever). If the software shows that point(the initial) on his butt yet the eyes are in focus a frame or so in, I would say it works, who needs to see the "little red square",it's obvious.  The a3 settings ARE slightly different.  Beyond that,other then being much more wickedly fast(the 500)they are the same in how they "act" as tested by some,myself included,though using a D7100,which btw isn't a slouch by any means, it however doesn't hold a card to the 500 in any of the modes.

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