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Re: NO!!!!

TJL LTFF wrote:

flip 21 wrote:

... This is a common issue with all NX cameras

I like how you seemingly state this so casually; if I didn't know better, I would assume you're speaking from a vast reservoir of experience. So I will speak from my very limited experience of having owned just seven NX cameras (I still use three extensively), this has never been an issue.

I can't believe I just repeated your use of the word issue . I have stated for years that men haveproblems; women have issues .

Hope this help

BTW, I hope it works too.

Bu!!!!! I'm not an english native speaker man. For me issue is a problem... I had the same problem with an nx30, and then I read it here that if you connect the camera to the USB it started functioning again, and it did. The camera seemed dead until I connected to the USB port... and then came alive...

I'm only sharing what I learn here. I'm not that experienced. Anyway, my Nx30 is always doing that same thing, and I'm always connecting it to the USB...

I don't share photos, but I try to share knowledge

PS: Well, I found it. here it is:


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