NX1100 Problem

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Re: NO!!!!

VisualFX wrote:

flip 21 wrote:

VisualFX wrote:

There is no magical way to reset the camera, if it doesn't turn on. Best to find a repair store or send it to Samsung for repair.


Connect it to the USB of a computer, and let it stay there for sometime. It will then recharge normally ... This is a common issue with all NX cameras

Hope this help

And what NX camera do you personally own that has that issue?

OP, I suggest you click "ignore" on flip21 too, like i did. He doesnt own any cameras nor take photos to share with us.

What? Ignore Flip21? How dare you say something like that.? Bad boy!!!

I own the Samsung NX2, the Nx600, plus the NX50, all prototype models, that were made, but that aren't available to anyone, except some VIPs, like Kisaha, and some Samsung Trolls, like me...

Visual (can I call you Visual?) I had the same problem with some of my Samsung gear ... Hence I believe this is the problem. In fact, I'm almost 100% this is the problem...

PS: about sharing. I love to share, but the problem is that with the Internet, everyone shares, and nobody cares about the owner rights. that is why Piracy prevails. Until there are some good laws to protect the owner rights, I avoid sharing on the Internet my stuff...

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