Sony Alpha A5100 successor? A5200? A5300? A5500?

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Re: A great mystery to me

Rebeska wrote:

caterpillar wrote:

This is one of the mysteries with Sony. The advantages of a fully articulating screen like with Panasonic or Canon is obvious. Why they persist with their methods mystifies me. Even worse, they sometimes regress even with their own screens. For example, 3 years ago, I bought a nex-5t, it's screen could do a selfie flip and it can dip down. When the a5100 came out, the screen lost the ability to tilt down. Now you can lift your camera overhead and see what it is seeing!

Another thing is that the nex-5t's touch screen operates not just in focusing but also in the menus. The only bad thing about the nex-5t is they didn't use a capacitive touch screen, so response was clunky. So, this has already shown they can do a touch screen and if they only put in the good parts, it should work like any cell phones. They do make cell phones so, this thing should really not be a mystery!

I don't think they'll put in more function buttons and keys in the future a5100. They would leave that to the more advanced models.

Sometimes, I wonder if they are doing a Canon - meaning they purposely not put in the most commonsensical improvements that is not really protected by patents or a limit in technology.

Agree. Sony makes strange decisions. One would think that Sony should have been the camera maker with touchscreen on all cameras. Instead, Panasonic and Canon seem to have more of this.

For Canon, it's because they have large bodies. And Canon does not run 4k video.

Apart from the fact that Canon is holding back 4K, I think their choice suits me better. More articulating screens and microphone input even on entry-level models.

At least they have not made it difficult with a limiting LCD screen. But they are holding back their 1080p too. It's only recently, in the 800d, that they have 60p. Others have had 60p for at least 3 years! Now, some cameras are into 120p.

Many seem angry at Canon not to offer 4K but at the same time, 4K seems to create problems at the present time. Panasonic seems to have least problems, maybe for smaller sensors and larger houses? The new GX800/GX850 has exactly the same problem as Sony's 4K cameras namely heat problems. 4K seems unfinished and I think that's why Canon may be awaiting.

MFT and smaller sensors can get away with 4k video because the sensor is small. I've shot my fz-1000 in 4k continuous as a test and it ran up to 1:40hour when the battery ran out. There was heat at the back of the camera, but it is not not. I don't have a thermometer, but I suppose it did not exceed 40-42 degrees C.

But when the sensor grows large, and the body is small, it's hard to dissipate all that heat. It's bound to heat 55-65 degrees C. Maybe more in hot weather.

If you want true 4K without heat problems, you might want to choose a camcorder or any large system camera.

We will go Panasonic MFT for 4k video. We want to be able to shoot till the battery dies and usually that is over 1:30 hours for the fz-1000. I expect about the same for the G85.

If I ever get a sony with 4k, it's probably going to be shooting only for 5-10min, 25min tops. Then it's rested for about 5-15 min. If in a pinch, I've a work-around for that - use those blue gel coolers for children and jam one at the back of the camera and lcd screen. I bet in 2-4 min, that heat will go to the gel. It should make it run longer now.

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