Sony Alpha A5100 successor? A5200? A5300? A5500?

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Re: Most likely not this year

MrMaster wrote:

I'm actually waiting for a Sony A6XXX camera but with a fully articulated LCD. I can't seem to part from it on, my A5000 (especially during my vacation trip with the wifey, the selfie-functonality comes in handy), but then I'm missing all of the dials, EVF etc...from the A6XXX series.

Why doesn't Sony make it to be articulating to the side instead of the top. This way, the EVF would still be possible.


Personally, I do not need to have such an expensive camera as A6xxx, but I agree that they should invest in a fully articulated screen. I can not imagine a camera without articulating screen (but 180 degrees is fine for me like the Canon EOS M6 because I do not care about EVF).

Another option would be that the EVF pops up as on the RX100.

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