Sony Alpha A5100 successor? A5200? A5300? A5500?

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Re: Most likely not this year

caterpillar wrote:

Mic input has almost zero chance. It might have that mic input if they will make it a bloggers camera.

That's what I hope for and want it for. If not, I choose the Canon EOS M6 instead.

caterpillar wrote:

4k maybe though overheating may be an issue. I very much doubt if it will be IBIS. Not until 2 more versions.

My guesses:

- It will have the AF of the a6300.

- I will have a flip screen and for selfie use. It will also have no EVF like before.

- LCD hopefully increases in resolution.

- Hopefully touch screen will be implemented in the menus as well.

- 4k video but either cropped or they will limit the time for one to shoot (eg. 10-15min).

- wifi and nfc.

- 120fps in FHD

- The rest of what the a5100 is retained.

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Because it will compete with the Canon EOS M6, it must have something that M6 does not have. M6 has already better articulating screen, video recording without heat problems (that I know of) and microphone input.

Sony would need the same and gladly 4K to become more attractive. However, I understand the heat problem with 4K. If it does not work, it's more important that they solve the current heat problem in 1080p. If it matches M6, Sony has the advantage of better lens selection (despite more expensive lenses).

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