Why I use the a9 for portraits

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Why I use the a9 for portraits

I keep seeing and getting this question so i wanted to share my reasons.

I use the a9 vs the a7rII for the following reasons:

  1. 24mp is more than enough for my clients. the only thing that 42mp did was slow down both my PC, fill up my storage and take FOREVER to upload to dropbox when they wanted "full res files" 42mp is actually a negative in more situations than its a positive for my workflow most of the time. For products and commercial work ill still use the a7rII, but for Seniors, engagements, models, weddings, etc, its a9 all the way.
  2. Autofocus. Getting those eyes in focus has never been easier. the a7rII did an OK job, the a9 is out of this world good. eye AF is the single biggest reason I switched from Nikon to Sony.. it’s a game changer for portraits. Of course continuous AF for moving shots is also a big plus.
  3. Review speed and speed of operation.. Not sure if you’ve used a a7rII and as wonderful as that camera is… its SLOOOOOOW in every way.. it can get very annoying when you need to review your shot quickly. The a9 is also much quicker to turn on.
  4. Weddings. Electronic shutter with no banding. From my testing so far, there is no or very minimal banding on the a9.. the a7rII had VERY bad banding in certain artificial lighting conditions like inside a church. I learned the hard way. The a9 seems to have corrected this.
  5. No blackout viewfinder. Great and useful in every possible situation. Better than any OVF bc those do have a tiny blackout when the mirror slaps.
  6. Battery life... All I need is one battery for a full 2 hour shoot with a a9… my record so far is 7000 frames shooting water sports on one charge.. this thing is out of this world. Once my grip comes in, I can probably do a full 8 hour wedding on one set of batteries.

In conclusion, I will continue to use both cameras but the a9 will be my main and the a7rII my, 2 body / backup.


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