Finally got the 85mm. Holy. Cow.

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Re: Finally got the 85mm. Holy. Cow.

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Here is an article from a couple years ago, about recommendations for cameras for "fast moving kids". Most recommended are cameras like LX100, RX100, G9X. He states too, that a DSLR can provide the best AF for kids, but can be overkill.

But to each their own. In my local camera shop, I've heard a couple "mom's" ask the employee for camera for fast moving kids. They come back with one of these pocket cameras, but in the end the "mom" ends up with a DSLR for whatever reason. Oh well, if you got the money and want to overspend, then do it. Just don't complain afterwards that you are broke.

Who's complaining they're broke?!

I guess if you don't know much about photography a point of shoot may be better but if you have some idea what you're doing an ILC will offer a lot of advantages. A lot of photography of kids is portraiture where it's nice to have the subject isolated from the background, and this isn't really possible with most point and shoots.

I seem to be one of the few posting professional images on this forum.

I do appreciate the photos posted here.

I dont see you or any others posting anything else. So what are people supposed to suspect then? I have photos in my gallery of shoots, yet others don't.

Mine are in my DeviantArt gallery,... but I should indeed update more often.  And no, I am not paid ;P

Yeah an ILC offers advantages, so does an iphone or any cell phone. If you know what you are doing, you can get great photos with an iphone. Telling mom and pop to buy a DSLR just to take photos of fast moving kids is not going to improve mom and pops photography skills.

Until rather recently most cell phones didn't offer manual controls, you have to be selective about the model to get that.  If I want that I would need to buy a new phone.  A 100D with two kit lenses comes in cheaper than many flagship phones with the nicer camera features of them..... I think manual settings go a long way towards improving one's photography, so for the time being I do indeed recommend DSLRs to moms and pops. Two people have been asking me for recommendations recently, looking with budgets of 550 and 700 respectively.  To get into a current model MILC like A6000 with kit lenses is more. .... I don't know about you but I do see the entry level models as cost effective.   That said, there are some nice exceptions in the point and shoot ish category, but both of these people are set on interchangeable lenses.    I agree that you can get great shots with a cell phone, but I think your thinking on it is a bit out of order.  I mean, to do so would require even more skill and they are beginners. ..

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