Finally got the 85mm. Holy. Cow.

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Re: Finally got the 85mm. Holy. Cow.

ttbek wrote:

flip 21 wrote:

M43ForMe wrote:

This thing is amazing. It does focus slower, but I really don't mind it. Apologies if this isn't a great flower picture, I'm not one to photograph flowers, just snapped something on the way inside the house.

I know the NX platform lacks the great long teles, but with this, my 45mm and my 16-50S, I feel like I have more than enough coverage for me.

Hi, is it too heavy? I mean, can you put in a tripod, without having to be closeby so it won't fall? Thanks

Errr, depends on your tripod.... with a decent tripod you can put a goat on it without worrying. My own tripod isn't considered a super good one but is rated for 15 Kg. This lens with NX1 and battery grip plus external monitor and some other jazz all would still be a long shot from 15 Kg. I don't think I've seen even a cheapo tripod that would have any problem with this amount of weight. ... so long as the legs are positioned properly (even the best tripods have 3 legs ;P).

Thanks for replying ttbek The only thing is that, is to use with the NX500. The tripod is decent, I guess...

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