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Re: 24mm 1.4g

And then I stand corrected!

I probably got carried away because my point was one of a compromise: I (personally... I know) don't find the bokeh too different between the two (there's less difference in this respect, in my view, between 24A/G and 35A/G). And to get the fabled bokeh, you need to shoot wide open at relatively modest distance. In such a scenario, the difference in sharpness is very evident and useful.

Or perhaps... I am simply trying to convince myself notto purchase a 58g

In any case, the discussion has sparked my curiosity once again. I'll try to shoot same scenes again with the two lenses and re-evaluate.


Dima Sh wrote:

The question was about a fast 24mm with the best bokeh, not about the sharpest 24mm wide open. I understand that you like sharp lenses but your statement that the 24 1.4G is "very, very soft" from 1.4 to 2.0 is in sharp contradiction to the evidence from most people posting in this thread. But then you add that in this lack of sharpness the 24 1.4G is similar to the 85 1.4G...

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