Bit rot and Image corruption?

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Re: Bit rot and Image corruption?


the solution seems very reliable (it took me a bit to digest the method )

I'd like a more automated solution though, because:

  1. I truly wish to have this thing done automatically for me by the operating system, as file systems supporting it exist on other platforms, and on some NAS like Synology
  2. due to the large files produced by the 36Mpixels cameras, and the increase in my workload, I foresee some up to 1Tb per year of imagery produced. Thus, a RAID solution would seem to be inherently better to manage a large data pool with multiple disks (I think largest disks today are 10Tb), especially if I'll have to add also some video in the near future.

as I read in the comments, a Synology with BTRFS might be the ticket.
I wonder how I'd back that up though...


johnbandry wrote:

3TB of images - so your solution is simple.

Buy four 4TB external disks. Create checksums for all your images. Copy all your images and checksums to each of external disk, and note the date of copy to each one.

Once a week take one of your four disks and copy new images only to it (new=created since last copy to that disk).

Once a year verify each disks and all checksums. If you find any errors, buy a new disk, create a new, good copy and bin the failing disk.

If you want less work and can accept more risk, copy the images once a month, or every three months, or...

Meanwhile, keep using Time Machine for backups.

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