Bit rot and Image corruption?

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Re: Bit rot and Image corruption?

Thanks, it is reassuring that the idea works (I was afraid I was deluding myself...).

Can I ask you: how did you configure your Synology?
Do you run it as a Raid 5, or Raid 6?

And... lastly: if I configure a 916+ with BTRF and 4 disks in Raid 6, to ensure protection against bitrot and drive failure...
... how will I be able to backup the thing without buying another Synology?
(it's a question I have zero answer to, so thanks for any input).

Bests, and thanks again,

roonsmits wrote:

Do a search for ZFS or BTRF filesystems, these filesystems are build to prevent bitrot and silent corruption.

I'm using both:

ZFS on Nexenta Stor and FreeNAS

BTRFS on Sytnology 916+ NAS

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