Finally got the 85mm. Holy. Cow.

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Re: Finally got the 85mm. Holy. Cow.

VisualFX wrote:

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tecnoworld wrote:

I wanted to say that even if 50-150 is a sports lens, it can also be used as a portrait lens with incredible results.

owned both and agree that 85mm and 50-150mm are excellent portrait lenses. I appreciated the latter more because of its faster AF for a fast moving kid where expressions change often (as well as head position!).

Hahaha. Here we go with someone with a "fast moving kid" again. Why on earth would you spend that much money on camera and glass to just take photos of kids? Especially when a point and shoot with a fixed lens, or a "big zoom" ILC camera would be the better choice. I just don't understand some mom and pops buying these pro-level cameras for just kid photos. I guess if you have the money, sure go ahead. But not exactly the best choice IMO.

Because the resulting images from a larger sensor camera like the nx1 far outshine anything I've taken (or seen) on a point and shoot camera.

And because we want to capture memories of our children and value the quality of a better camera.

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