The OMD M10 is an incredible camera and an incredible bargain

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The OMD M10 is an incredible camera and an incredible bargain

My MFT journey started with a PL1 in April of 2016. I was happy with that PL1 until early 2017 when I bought a PL3, which had identical image quality but faster auto focus. Then came a P3 with the magnificent touch and shoot screen. Finally a PL6 introduced me to the joys of low light high ISO performance of the 16MP sensor.

But a used OMD M10 just blew me away within the first hour of shooting it, and if I could do it all over I'd begin with the OMD M10 instead of winding up with one.

Here's what the OMD M10 delivers:

1. Up to date, modern True Pic VII image processor. You'd have to spend two thousand dollars, instead of two hundred and some dollars, to do any better.

2. It has a built in, high resolution viewfinder, with a built in flash on top of that viewfinder.

3. The three axis image stabilization isn't the latest and best five axis, but it works so well you can take hand held shots of the starts coming out at night with the kit lens. The three axis system gives just ridiculous stabilization, as it is.

4. It has zero second anti shock. And Live Composite. And Picture Story and more Art Filters than you can count. It doesn't have a fully electronic shutter, or do Pro Capture or High Resolution, or Keystone Correction, but a man could spend a lifetime just trying to figure out how to master all the advanced features it does have, buried deep within the menus.

5. The rear screen is a high resolution touch and shoot wonderment. The newer cameras don't have any better, but they swivel and tilt more.

6. The M10 has two well made dials on top and three buttons that can be customized for functions. With, or without, the optional extended grip this is an ergonomic, well thought out, capable camera that can be used by feel without having to fiddle with it.

7. Since the OMD M10 ii came out, the OMD M10 is a lot cheaper. So cheap, that I propose that in today's market the OMD M10 represents the most advanced and capable and dependable Olympus MFT camera body you can buy, as a legacy used camera body. The OMD M1 and M5 and P5 have five way stabilization, but the M5 has no zero second anti shock, and the P5 has no viewfinder, and the M1 costs twice as much as a similar OMD M10 does used, and the M1 might have issues the OMD M10 never seems to have, such as burnt viewfinders and strap hanger hooks that fall off, and dials that quit working. To fully rebuild an OMD M10 is only $143.75, anyway. A good used M10 body is not more than twice that sum, to just buy another one.

Rumor has it that the OMD M10 III is imminent, and in time the OMD M10 II may become the best bargain in a used Olympus MFT camera, over the OMD 10.  But in today's used market, the OMD offers the most for the least money.

If you are looking to for a good, used Olympus MFT camera to start out on, forget about anything less than the OMD M10. That way, the camera you start out on, could be the one you wind up with.

No, it's not as cool, hip, Leica looking as the PL7 or the P5, but it has a wonderful EVF and those twin control dials on top, and pretty is, as pretty does.

For sheer performance for the money, the OMD M10 is the best bargain in Olympus MFT camera bodies today.

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