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Re: Exactly Correct

I use fec on my S45 all the time since to me.. most flash pictures are too blown out. I like a more natural subdued flash. I hope the rebel will be able to take nice flash pictures as is.

one thing, Jay.

you posted a few paragraphs of a review intended for publishing. Now... when you work for a publication, aren't you bound to NOT disclosing any material before its out on the stands ?.

Or are you allowed to publish a small portion ... as in the radio industry .. you are allowed to play a portion of a song (60 seconds I think) without worring about copywrites, royalties, permissions... etc...

as columbo says

oh, yeah... one more thing.

i just bought my s45 6 months ago. except for the portabiltiy of the s45, should i replace it with the rebel ?. i can't keep both. (unless my wife buys the s45 off of me)


Jay Abend wrote:


Pressing AV + and - when the pop up flash is extended and you're
not at min aperture DOES affect the ambient light exposure- but the
flash exposure DOES stay constant- Just tested it-

Honestly though- the on camera flash seems so much more accurate
than my old D60- for example-

I think Cnaon's reasoning is that if you're into flash enough
NOTHING about an on camera flash would satisfy you- so you'd buy a
shoe mount- though I thing it's a dumb oversight...

PS- My 8 year old took some KILLER pictures with the Rebel
yesterday- an 8 year old!!!!

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