V1 and D750 comparison (18.5mm and 50mm)

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Re: V1 and D750 comparison (18.5mm and 50mm) - Different take

Paul Pasco wrote:

I just got a used D3 for my wife and I thought I would set up a slightly different take on this by setting the 50mm to f/5 on the D3 which is a rough mathematical equivalent to the 18.5 at f/1.8 on the V1. These are straight from the camera. Bokeh is quite different to say the least.

Suffice it to say that with bokeh CX operates under a considerable handicap.

In your specific example, the 18.5mm is wide open while the 50mm is already well stopped down. (most lenses are smoother stopped down 1-2 stops than wide open where bright, sharp crescent rings are often seen) That explains most of the visible difference in bokeh characteristics, the rest is down to the actual difference in focal length and the difference in magnification of the respective OOF features. (what might be insignificantly small bokeh features on FX get blown up to become large and very visible features on CX)

I originally learnt of this concept as an explanation for why DX and FX photos "looked" different. While it varies lens-to-lens of course, it largely seems to hold true.


In your example the difference in noise ISO200-ISO200 is very obvious. The black of the camera body is rendered as pure black using the D3, while the V1 output is already specked with noise. Also the purple fringing of the 18.5mm used wide open is readily apparent.

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