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Re: I've been taking pro DSLRs for granted

Matsu wrote:

Matsu wrote:

I'm holding out some hope the Fuji's X100F cameras have set better external control priorities for a compact camera.

I got an X100F a couple of months back. As an overall package it's great. The OVF, portability, design, IQ are a delight.

The basic controls are all there - the aperture ring, SS dial and I love the omission of a PASM dial or any sill scene mode dial. The little AF joystick works nicely, as does the concentric ISO dial. But it's not perfect.

- the Exp Comp dial is not lockable and easy to move inadvertently (IMHO it would be better if they'd dedicated this to ISO and put EC in the SS inner concentric where ISO currently is)

- there's a little Q button on the top right which is easy to press accidentally whilst shooting

- there's almost too much customization, you have to remember a lot of unlabeled buttons

- the menu system is OK, not terrible, not great

There's nothing that gets in the way of using this excellent little camera, but I've had a Df for years now - it got derided for how badly implemented its manual controls are and yet I find them actually rather good compared with the X100F.

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