Nikon J1 - Screen gradually turns black

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Re: Nikon J1 - Screen gradually turns black

MarinTrader wrote:

My wife bought this J1 years ago for a special work project. We have only used it to take less than 200 photos and were very dissappointed when we picked it up this January and tried to take some pics. I found that if I moved the lens around and hit the release button, the viewer would work again for a bit. Tried cleaning the contacts to no avail. I was going to give up on this camera and found this blog which directed me to this link:

After you check the serial number of your lens, press the Request Service button and fill out the form. Easy-peesy.

Thank you all so much. Printed my packing slip and UPS tag and have already dropped off the box at a local UPS Store. If I remember to do it, I will update this message once I receive the lens.


This also happened to my camera last trip to Sydney Apr 10, 2017. I'm here in the Philippines and tried to go to your given link but later found out that it's for US residence anyone knows how to report this problem here in Asia? I bought mine in Singapore, think 4 years ago, and only use it during long vacation, and that happens very seldom...that's why I just encountered this problem recently...pls help.

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