Is the 32 f/1.2 worth the price?

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Re: colour...


I have never payed much attention to 18.5 - 32 colour differences so far (gotta give it a head to head one day), but have never found my 32 lacking in colour either. I myself would not base my buying-decision on colour and/or contrast of a lens alone though.

I did see Marianne's latest coating test over at the lens forum as well, and the reduced ghosting/flare behaviour should really help in against-the-light shots. Ironically, the lenses with the highest local contrast I own are single or uncoated Zeiss, Leica and some old Nikon lenses (the compensating 55/3.5 micro for example, single coated) - they flare and ghost against he sun more easily than properly coates lenses, but pack a real punch otherwise. I guess all things keep adding up in the end and better coating should not hurt at all.



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