Which full frame lenses are missing?

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Re: Which full frame lenses are missing?

SilvanBromide wrote:

Dan_168 wrote:

SilvanBromide wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

Super tele lenses of course for sports and wildlife

200GM/2.0 OSS

300GM/2.8 OSS

400GM/2.8 OSS

500GM/4.0 OSS

600GM/4.0 OSS

800GM/5.6 OSS

and a super-tele zoom, 200-400GM/4.0 OSS with 1.4x TC built-in.


It would be very hard indeed not to take the FE system seriously for sport and wildlife applications if the lineup included most or all of these.

Yeah that's true, but i personally still wouldn't care for using those on my A-series body unless they found some "secret sauce" to make a 200 F2 as small as the 200 F2.8 today, LOL. I have used Canon 200 2.0L and 300 F2.8L with adapter on my A7RII (with verical grip), " horrible" is understatement in terms of ergonomics is concerned if you asked me, but those lenses work feels much much better on my 1Dx and 1Ds III. however, at least by then we can say Sony has a " completed" lens system for everything from landscape to sport to portrait for those who needs them.

Depends how you work and maybe on a few other factors.

For me, a larger body with larger lenses is doubly awkward, so I have the exact opposite reaction to you. Just shows we ain't all the same.

Exactly, everyone is different, For some , a 1D/D5 is a pain, for other like my self, it's a pleasurre, I carry my 1Ds on vacation, simply i love how it feel in my hand,  for some small camera is pleasure, for other, it's a pain.

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