Fujifilm 18-55mm v.s. Minolta Rokkor 55mm Color

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Re: Fujifilm 18-55mm v.s. Minolta Rokkor 55mm Color

The two camera systems I shoot with are Fuji and Minolta. I started with Minolta back in the '70's before we had these little handheld computers that take digital images which we call cameras. Back in the day when film was used, photography was truly an art and required quite a bit of skill. Digital does also of course but these little modern computer cameras we all have make it so easy that a caveman can do it. It's wonderful to still use film but also it's great fun to use the old Minolta glass on my Fuji cameras. Certainly using film and using digital are two different worlds but there's something about using a film camera or even just the manual lenses on a digital that's sometimes more satisfying than going with digital all the time.  There is still much value in analog.

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