Linux Mint: Dual boot?

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Re: Linux Mint: Dual boot? It's Installed

abelits wrote:

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PJPfeiffer wrote:

I've found switching to Thunderbird for email, Libre Office for office suite, and Firefox for internet browsing makes the adoption a bit easier since those 3 are available in Windows also.

I second the Thunderbird recommendation; I've used T-Bird for years with both Windows and Linux. Excellent.

I use Thunderbird for all my email, too. Its UI makes much more sense for forwarding and combining text in emails while providers' web UIs like to make some arbitrary assumptions about what the user is or is not supposed to do with the content of messages, and all Hell breaks loose when multiple providers are involved, each with its own web interface.

Yes, and each of those web interfaces sometimes change as the providers decide to 'freshen' their UIs and add features; I understand they're trying to keep up with each other, but it's mildly annoying, since the new features are seldom anything I have a use for.

T-Bird insulates the user from all that; I finalized my UI config a long time ago, and all I've had to do for years is add accounts as needed.

All providers, including Google and Microsoft, now support IMAP, and Thunderbird setup procedure often recognizes them automatically. However when it does not, it's usually a matter of asking the provider for IMAP and SMTP host names.

One possible problem with it is, people often don't realize how enormous their mailboxes really are, ex:

abelits@mercury:~$ du -s .thunderbird/
28629016 .thunderbird/

That's 27G of email copied locally, including archives.

Thanks for the reminder; I checked and mine's only slightly more than 1 GB. I've been pretty ruthless about deleting useless email.

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