Which full frame lenses are missing?

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Re: Which full frame lenses are missing?

Dan_168 wrote:

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PWPhotography wrote:

Super tele lenses of course for sports and wildlife

200GM/2.0 OSS

300GM/2.8 OSS

400GM/2.8 OSS

500GM/4.0 OSS

600GM/4.0 OSS

800GM/5.6 OSS

and a super-tele zoom, 200-400GM/4.0 OSS with 1.4x TC built-in.


It would be very hard indeed not to take the FE system seriously for sport and wildlife applications if the lineup included most or all of these.

Yeah that's true, but i personally still wouldn't care for using those on my A-series body unless they found some "secret sauce" to make a 200 F2 as small as the 200 F2.8 today, LOL. I have used Canon 200 2.0L and 300 F2.8L with adapter on my A7RII (with verical grip), " horrible" is understatement in terms of ergonomics is concerned if you asked me, but those lenses work feels much much better on my 1Dx and 1Ds III. however, at least by then we can say Sony has a " completed" lens system for everything from landscape to sport to portrait for those who needs them.

ergonomics is more of personal subjective. I guess some of 1Dx and D5 owners will believe A99 II, 5D IV and D810 are also too small with those super-tele lenses attached. But I also believe most of those 1Dx and D5 owners also don't want to lug around these bricks in hiking and walking around city in entire day. So what's balance in size/weight and do you want different cameras for different tasks or consolidating cameras into minimum? Personally I have no issue to use my 500L/4.0 IS on 5D3 (smaller than my 1D3), and should not have a problem on A9 (on one report that it AF very fast thru MC-11 adapter and also can shoot 20fps?), I don't have any issues in handling A7r II/A7r/A7 II either with bulky 17L TS-E ,24-70L/2.8 II attached. I hold on lens not camera anyway, or would be on tripod/monopod with 500L anyway. A9 is my ideal replacement of A7 II, and potentially reduce my total cameras into just two, A7r II (or future A7r III/A9r) and A9 after two years when Sigma should also port Art and Sport series by then, wait and see. I carry two cameras in trips, so if these two cameras can do all purposes including wildlife and actions that would be great for me.

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