Why aren't Nikon lenses weather-sealed like other brands?

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Re: Why aren't Nikon lenses weather-sealed like other brands?

d750guy wrote:

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Something that is a tad off-putting about choosing Nikon is that many of the Nikon lenses are not weather sealed. Now of course no system is waterproof. But having the extra gaskets is a feel good I guess.
When you buy a Canon L class lens you are paying a high price but the weather sealing is included. Nikon has what seem to be really nice lenses but they don't have the weather sealing. Why is that?
I'm not talking about being able to submerge the camera+lens. But simply being able to withstand a quick flash of invasive rain.

Hmm..... a new member with 16 posts creates a thread in the Nikon Lens forum to bash Nikon lenses and praise Canon lenses........ interesting.

I didn't see it as that at all..... how many posts do you need to to make snarky attacks on new posters, a tad more than 500?

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